Update of the Culture Night site for the season 2017.

The Culture Night in Copenhagen creates the city’s biggest annual event on a night opens the city and binds it together in an intense experience of exceptional cultural events.

The Culture Night was first held 15 October 1993. The program had then 45 participating organizers and approximately 4000 guests. In 2016 we had over 260 participating organizers and more than 82,000 guests, but other than size is the original idea behind The Culture Night 100% intact.

In 2004, was the Association of The Culture Night in Copenhagen founded. The association grew out of the steering committee that took the initiative of the Culture Night in 1993. Its aim is to make sure that The Culture Night can continue to be held every year, as it has been without exception since 1993.

The Association of The Culture Night in Copenhagen is organizing and conducting The Culture Night in Copenhagen once a year on the Friday up to the school holiday in October. The Culture Night receives no support from the state or municipality. Only sponsor is DOT, sponsoring the public transport on the night. All proceeds from the sale of Culturepas’ and programs, and any surplus is used for development of The Culture Night and the implementation of cultural events during next year’s Culture Night  in Copenhagen.

In 2017 the format of the printed program will be changed. This means that all guests must visit the site to view the full schedule and times. The database will be restructured into this, so that the program becomes more manageable for the guests and the program presents organizer forward for each event.

The site and the database is complex, with many users and purposes, so it is essential that all users can use the database and the site as intended. Therefore, all changes implemented cautiously and thoroughly tested before it becomes available to users.

The aim of the new website / database are:

  • To give guests the information and to make the program by up to 800+ events more manageable through a rethinking of the online presentation of the online program.
  • To give organizers a simple and clear overview of how best to communicate their program, how and when.
  • To give the Secretariat the necessary project tool solutions. What solutions are described below.
  • To create a spring database with basis from the Culture Night database. This will form the basis for a whole new event for children held in spring 2018.

The new site was launched in May 2017

You can find the new site here:

entegrate creative has been working with the Culture Night since 1993.